F-106 Delta Dart 2 FIS

2nd Fighter Interceptor Squadron

'Horney Horses'

Wing / Group(s) Assigned:

Air Division(s) Assigned:
23rd Air Division

Wurtsmith AFB, MI

Dates Unit Was Active:

1 Jul 1971 - 8 Mar 1973

Alert Detachment’s:
Wurtsmith AFB, MI (not a Det)

Number of Aircraft:

Number of Aircraft Loses:

0 Lost

Assigned Assigned

In June 1947 the 2d FIS was transferred from USAFE to ADC. In August 1959 the unit transitioned into F-101Bs which it kept until inactivation in December of 1969. The 2d FIS was reactivated in July 1971 at Wurtsmith AFB, flying the 94th FIS F-l06As when that unit designation was transferred to TAC. The 2d FIS was inactivated at Wurtsmith on 31 March 1973 as part of the draw-down of the Aerospace Defense Command jet interceptor force and ended the ADC presence at Wurtsmith.

In August 1974, the squadron was reactivated and designated the 2nd Fighter Interceptor Training Squadron (FITS) and was activated at the Air Defense Weapons Center located at Tyndall Air Force Base, Florida, where it continued to fly the F-106.

On 1 February 1982, the unit was redesignated the 2nd Fighter Weapons Squadron (FWS), and it had the privilege of training the last active duty F-106 pilots.

In May 1984 the squadron was re-designated as the 2nd Tactical Fighter Training Squadron (TFTS) and transitioned to the F-15 Eagle.