F-106 Delta Dart 319 FIS

319th Fighter Interceptor Squadron

'Tom Cats'

Wing / Group(s) Assigned:

Air Division(s) Assigned:
24th Air Division

Bunker Hill AFB, IN
Malmstrom AFB, MT

Dates Unit Was Active:

02 Feb 1960 - 09 March 1963
01 Jul 1971 - 24 Apr 1972

Alert Detachment’s:

Number of Aircraft:

Number of Aircraft Loses:

1 Lost

Assigned Assigned

The 319th FIS was at Bunker Hill AFB IN from 02 Feb 1960 to 09 March 1963 and to the 319th FIS at Malmstrom AFB MT from 01 Jul 1971 to 24 Apr 1972.

The 319th FIS was assigned to ADC in May 1949 after it moved from the Canal Zone to McChord AFB. It received F-82 aircraft and in September 1949 moved to Larson AFB. In the fall of 1950 the squadron transitioned into F-94As and in February 1952 moved to Suwon Air Base, Korea, under the Far East Air Force. In November 1955 the squadron returned to CONUS and ADC at Bunker Hill AFB and in March 1956 received F-94Cs The squadron transitioned into F-89Js in the fall of 1957 and in February 1960 into F-106As. In March 1963 they moved to Homestead AFB where it flew F-104As. In December 1969 it was deactivated ADC's last F-104 unit.

In July 1971 the squadron was reactivated at Malmstrom AFB, replacing the 71st FIS with F-l06s. Shortly thereafter on 30 April 1972, the squadron was deactivated.