F-106 Delta Dart 94 FIS

94th Fighter Interceptor Squadron

'Hat in the Ring'

Korea TDY

Wing / Group(s) Assigned:
1st Fighter Wing

Air Division(s) Assigned:
23rd Air Division

Selfridge AFB, MI
Wurtsmith AFB MI

Dates Unit Was Active:

03 Apr 1960 - 01 Dec 1969
01 Dec 1969 - 01 Jul 1971

Alert Detachment’s:

Number of Aircraft:

Number of Aircraft Loses:

6 Lost

Assigned Aircraft

The 94th FIS was transferred to ADC from SAC in December 1948 at March AFB with F-80 aircraft. In May of 1949 it was transferred back to SAC but in April 1950 it was brought back to ADC control with F-86As. Later in the year it moved to George AFB, CA. In February 1953 the squadron transitioned into F-86Ds. The unit designation was transferred to Selfridge AFB in August 1955. In the fall of 1956 the unit received F-86Ls which were flown until April 1960 when it transitioned into F-106As. In December 1969 a move was made to Wurtsmith AFB where the 94th FIS was deactivated and reactivated as the 2nd FIS and the unit designation was transferred to TAC.

F-106s were assigned to the 94th FIS at Selfridge AFB MI from 03 Apr 1960 to 01 Dec 69 and at Wurtsmith AFB MI from 01 Dec 69 to 01 July 71 when the 94th FIS designation was transferred to TAC and the 2nd FIS was activated to replace the 94th FIS designation.

1st Consolidated Aircraft Maintenance Squadron (1 CAMS) was activated at Selfrdge 16 Jan 1967, Selfridge AFB, MI 1st Fighter Group (AD). On 16 Jan 1967 the 1st Communications & Electronics Maintenance Squadron, the 1st Field Maintenance Squadron, the 1st Organizational Maintenance Squadron, and the 1st Munitions Maintenance Squadron were inactivated and their functions assigned to the newly-activated 1st Consolidated Aircraft Maintenance Squadron. 1st CAMS supported the 71st, 171st and 94th FIS's.

94 FIS

Osan AB, Republic of Korea, Jun-15 Nov 1969

The 94th FIS deployed for this mission arriving in Korea in Jun 1969, relieving the 48th and 71st FIS' currently there, and remained until 15 Nov 1969.